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Issued DateTitleAuthor(s)Level
1-Aug-2018Classical impurities associated to high rank algebrasΔόικου, Αναστασία-
8-Apr-2010Classification of Large Biomedical Data using ANNs based on BFGS methodΛιβιέρης, Ιωάννης; Σωτηρόπουλος, Δημήτριος; Πιντέλας, Παναγιώτης-
16-Sep-2014Climatology via applied satellite remote sensing : chlorophyll blooms in the North Aegean SeaΓεωργακάς, ΚωνσταντίνοςΜεταπτυχιακή Εργασία
10-Nov-2017Clinical evaluation of pediatric brachytherapy applications, using MC simulationsΧατζηπαπάς, ΚωνσταντίνοςΜεταπτυχιακή Εργασία
19-Jan-2010Clinically derived dose-response relations for rectum and penile bulb from combine photon and proton radiotherapy of prostate cancerΒαλιαντή, ΧριστιάναΜεταπτυχιακή Εργασία
19-Jan-2010Clinically derived dose-response relations for urinary bladder and prostate from combined photon and proton prostate radiotherapyΜπουμπούτση, ΙωάνναΜεταπτυχιακή Εργασία
6-Feb-2009Clinicaly derived dose-response relations for esophageal strictures from head & neck radiotherapyΑλεύροντα, ΕλευθερίαΜεταπτυχιακή Εργασία
7-Sep-2016Clouds as natural entities in preschool children’s thoughtGeorgantopoulou, Akrivi; Fragkiadaki, Glykeria; Ravanis, Konstantinos-
8-Jul-2011Co-localization of P4 in the monoaminergic neurotransmitters and its effect in the behavior of genetically modified miceΓεωργιόπουλος, ΧαράλαμποςΜεταπτυχιακή Εργασία
27-Jun-2012Cold roll forming process energy efficiency optimizationΠαραλίκας, ΙωάννηςΔιδακτορική Διατριβή
16-Jun-2010Combination of unsupervised and supervised learning for complex biomedical applicationsΜαυρουδή, ΣεφερίναΜεταπτυχιακή Εργασία
12-Jun-2018Combined seismic and energy upgrading of existing buildings using advanced materialsΓκουρνέλος, ΠαναγιώτηςΜεταπτυχιακή Εργασία
14-Jul-2010Combining antomical images with estimates of brain activity extracted from electrographic data: methodology and applicationsBadea, AlexandraΔιδακτορική Διατριβή
24-Jul-2018Compactifications of the Klebanov-Witten CFT and new AdS3 backgroundsBea, Yago; Edelstein, Jose; Itsios, Georgios; Kooner, Karta; Nunez, Carlos; Schofield, Daniel; Sierra-Garcia, J. Anibal-
1-Jul-2014Comparative study of spectral analysis methods for clinical for clinical electrocardiographyΣταυρινού, ΜαρίαΜεταπτυχιακή Εργασία
28-Feb-2019Comparative study of worker performance in crowdsourcing environmentsΣυκιώτη, ΕιρήνηΜεταπτυχιακή Εργασία
9-Jun-2010Compartmental and deconvolution analysis of physiological systems: determination of renal function parameters and growth hormone secretion ratesBogomirov, BogomirΔιδακτορική Διατριβή
25-May-2015Composting of agro-industrial wastesChowdhury, Abu Khayer Md. Muktadirul BariΔιδακτορική Διατριβή
14-Dec-2009Compression techniques in digital hearing aidsΓαρίνη, ΝικολέταΜεταπτυχιακή Εργασία
3-Oct-2018Computation of ranges of functions in problems of applied mechanics with the computational method of quantifier eliminationIoakimidis, Nikolaos-