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Issued DateTitleAuthor(s)Level
14-Feb-2012An automated multi criteria assembly line design generation method for decision making support : an automotive case studyΜίχαλος, ΓεώργιοςΔιδακτορική Διατριβή
9-Jan-2017An estimation of technical and energy : an application to European industriesΚανελλάκη, ΕυφροσύνηΜεταπτυχιακή Εργασία
1-Feb-2019An evaluation of volatility index VIX in the case of cryptocurrencyΓούπιου, ΧρυσούλαΜεταπτυχιακή Εργασία
6-Aug-2013An experimental study on convective drying of quinceTzempelikos, Dimitrios; Bardakas, Achilleas; Vouros, Alexandros; Tsepenekas, Dionysios; Filios, Andronikos; Margaris, Dionissios-
9-Nov-2015An exploratory study on the effects of positive and negative consumer generated advertising using informative and demonstrative executional frameworks on brand attitude and purchase intentionΠαπαδιαμαντοπούλου, ΧαρίκλειαΜεταπτυχιακή Εργασία
3-Dec-2013An in vitro study, evaluating the effect of sunitinib and/or lapatinib on two glioma cell linesGiannopoulou, Efstathia; Dimitropoulos, Konstantinos; Argyriou, Andreas; Koutras, Angelos; Dimitrakopoulos, Fotinos; Kalofonos, Haralabos-
14-Feb-2018An inequality constraint for the deflection of an elastic beam under a uniform distributed loadingIoakimidis, Nikolaos-
7-May-2015An integrated design process for durable concrete structures at the minimum environmental cost : application with the incorporation of rice husk ashΤάπαλη, ΤζούλιαΔιδακτορική Διατριβή
16-Jan-2020An IoT edge-as-a-service (Eaas) distributed architecture & reference implementationΛαμτζίδης, ΟδυσσέαςΔιπλωματική Εργασία
8-Jun-2017An Ontological Representation of the Digital Library Evaluation DomainTsakonas, Giannis; Papatheodorou, Christos-
1-Feb-2019An optical coherence tomography study of two new generation stents with 2 biodegradable polymer carrier, eluting paclitaxel vs. biolimus-A9Davlouros, Periklis; Mavronasiou, Eleni; Xanthopoulou, Ioanna; Karantalis, Vasileios; Tsigkas, Grigorios; Hahalis, George; Alexopoulos, Dimitrios-
12-Mar-2013Analysis of air velocity distribution in a laboratory batch-type tray air dryer by computational fluid dynamicsTzempelikos, Dimitrios; Vouros, Alexandros; Bardakas, Achilleas; Filios, Andronikos; Margaris, Dionissios-
4-May-2012Analysis of bone composition with Raman spectroscopyKontoyannis, Christos; Orkoula, Malvina; Kalonakis, Konstantinos-
24-Aug-2017Analysis of deformable bodies during the gait cycleΚοκκόρη, ΓιαννούλαΜεταπτυχιακή Εργασία
9-Jan-2017Analysis of european regional productivity under a technology heterogeneity regimeΣτεργίου, ΕιρήνηΜεταπτυχιακή Εργασία
16-Jun-2010Analysis of otoacoustic emission signals using wavelet transformΔημητρέλος, ΓιώργοςΜεταπτυχιακή Εργασία
30-Dec-2018Analysis of top R&D investors performance under a technology heterogeneity regimeΚατσιγιάννη, ΧαράΜεταπτυχιακή Εργασία
3-Nov-2019Analysis, design, and development of advanced product-service systems in the era of digitalized manufacturing : a collaborative approachΜπόλη, ΝικολέταΜεταπτυχιακή Εργασία
27-Jan-2020Ancient question-and-answer literature and its role in the tradition of dialogueΟικονομοπούλου, Κατερίνα-
9-Jan-2012Angiogenesis measurements in mammography using time-resolved dual energy analysisΜπίλλας, ΗλίαςΜεταπτυχιακή Εργασία