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Title: Towards a web‑based archaeological excavation platform for smartphones : review and potentials
Authors: Styliaras, Georgios
Keywords: Smartphone applications
Archaelogical sites
Keywords (translated): Εφαρμογές για κινητά
Αρχαιολογικοί χώροι
Source: SpringerPlus
Abstract: The paper conducts a review questioning the usability of a web-based platform supporting archaeological excavations and related fields, which will execute on smartphones. Based on the thorough review and comparison of related work, the basic features of such a platform are outlined. The platform should support documenting content on an underlying XML database through a content management system, producing and exchanging notes, map interaction, use of a shared whiteboard, collaboration among archaeologists etc. The architecture of the platform is presented along with two case studies supporting usual practices on an archaeological field, some primary evaluation results and future work.
Abstract (translated): -
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