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Title: Agile methodologies & scrum : when is a team ready to start using it?
Other Titles: Ευέλικτες μεθοδολογίες ανάπτυξης λογισμικού & σκραμ : πότε μια ομάδα είναι έτοιμη να αρχίσει να την χρησιμοποιεί;
Authors: Χρυσομάλλη, Ελένη
Keywords: Agile methodologies
Keywords (translated): Ευέλικτες μεθοδολογίες
Ροή εργασιών
Abstract: This research is aimed at exploring the factors that lead a group to use Scrum methodology optimally and effectively. The method of measurement is done with the help of a questionnaire whose questions were formulated by the researcher herself. The sample collected for the survey consists of 59 people working at Albelli, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. In the framework of the research effort, extensive use of the static analysis (descriptive analysis, frequency analysis and batch correlation analysis) is used to extract the statistical conclusions. For this purpose, the Spss 20 statistical package was used. The results of the survey reveal that while the demographic and personal attributes of a group's members may affect the results, 88% success depends on the group's composition: the workflow followed, the sharing of knowledge among the members, the creation of a stable and safe environment in which each member can freely express their opinion. Also, emphasis should be placed on group unity and support for finding solutions to BAU / unexpected cases / legacy systems / larger and more complicated projects. Finally equally important is the right choice of people for the role of Scrum Master that can inspire the team, help it add value to each meeting and recognize its needs as well as the Product owner to improve communication with the stakeholders, without violating the role of the Scrum Master
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