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Title: The all-loop non-Abelian thirring model and its RG flow
Authors: Itsios, Georgios
Sfetsos, Konstadinos
Siampos, Konstadinos
Keywords: High energy physics
Mathematical physics
Exactly solvable and integrable systems
Keywords (translated): Φυσική υψηλών ενεργειών
Μαθηματική φυσική
Source: Physics letters B
Abstract: We analyze the renormalization group flow in a recently constructed class of integrable sigma-models which interpolate between WZW current algebra models and the non-Abelian T-duals of PCM for a simple group G. They are characterized by the integer level k of the current algebra, a deformation parameter lambda and they exhibit a remarkable invariance involving the inversion of lambda. We compute the beta-function for lambda to leading order in 1/k. Based on agreement with previous results for the exact beta-function of the non-Abelian bosonized Thirring model and matching global symmetries, we state that our integrable models are the resummed version (capturing all counterterms in perturbation theory) of the non-Abelian bosonized Thirring model for a simple group G. Finally, we present an analogous treatment in a simple example of a closely related class of models interpolating between gauged WZW coset CFTs and the non-Abelian T-duals of PCM for the coset G/H.
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