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Title: Mental representations of 14-15 years old students about the light
Authors: Ravanis, Konstantinos
Kaliampos, George
Keywords: Light propagation time
Mental representations
14-15 years old students
Keywords (translated): Νοητικές αναπαραστάσεις
14-15 ετών μαθητές
Source: Jurnal Pendidikan Progresif
Abstract: The study of students’ representations of physics concepts and phenomena constitutes a central part of Science Education research, as they play a decisive role in teaching. In the study presented here, we investigate the mental representations of 14-15 years old students about the light propagation time, before they were taught about it in school. The empirical data was gathered through an interview using three Tasks which involved the evaluation of hypothetical situations. The research data included representations that cause difficulty in the comprehension of the position of a light source in relevance to the light propagation time.
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