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Title: How do we see when the light is not “enough”? Mental representations of pre-service preschool teachers
Authors: Anthopoulou, Vasiliki
Ravanis, Konstantinos
Keywords: Vision
Mental representations
Physics education
Pre-service preschool teachers
Keywords (translated): Όραση
Νοητικές αναπαραστάσεις
Source: International Education and Research Journal
Abstract: In this article we present a research treating with the study of pre-service preschool teachers’ mental representations on the mechanism of vision in environments with little to no light. After introducing three separate situations within the framework of an individual, semi-structured interview, we concluded that the main mechanism associated with difficulty or absence of vision is, generally, either dim lighting, or the lack of a light source. Furthermore, certain centrations based on experience were designated, such as vision in limited distance, the autonomy of darkness, or vision through “familiarization” with darkness.
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