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Title: Two fluid model for cold, low-pressure hydrogen plasma
Other Titles: Μοντέλο δύο ρευστών για ψυχρό πλάσμα υδρογόνου χαμηλής πίεσης
Authors: Pasolari, Rention
Keywords: Plasma
Hydrogen plasma
0-D model
Steady-state conditions
Keywords (translated): Πλάσμα
Abstract: The present Master of Science thesis, deals with the development of a 0-D, steady-state model for cold Hydrogen plasma, in the pressure limits of 10-60 Torr. This code, is the first step for the development of a general code which could face a great range of plasmas (apart from Hydrogen plasma), combinations of different gases and a vast range of working conditions. The code, which is developed in Fortran 2008, solves six balance equations, for the six different species that take part in the discharge and an energy equation for the determination of the gas’ temperature. The equations include the rate constants of the reactions in the Hydrogen plasma, as well as the electron temperature. All of these parameters are gained via a freeware called BOLSIG+, which solves the Boltzmann equation numerically. A great range of cases is tested, and the code is validated using results of prior work from the bibliography. The H3 ions seem to be the dominant ions in the discharge and so the electron-neutral collision dominate. Moreover, the results have shown that a little part of the gas is ionized since the neutral species’ densities are orders of magnitude higher than the corresponding ion species’ concentrations. The temperature of a gas in such a discharge does not exceed the border of the temperatures, while other input parameters such as the inlet flow rate and the microwave power are less significant.
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