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Title: Specific effects of bortezomib against experimental malignant pleural effusion: a preclinical study
Authors: Psallidas, Ioannis
Karabela, Sophia P
Moschos, Charalampos
Sherrill, Taylor P
Kollintza, Androniki
Magkouta, Sophia
Theodoropoulou, Panagiota
Roussos, Charis
Blackwell, Timothy S
Kalomenidis, Ioannis
Stathopoulos, Georgios T
Issue Date: 2011-12-02
Keywords: Lewis lung carcinoma
Malignant pleural effusions
Keywords (translated): Καρκίνωμα του πνεύμονα
Κακοήθης Πλευριτική Συλλογή
Source: Molecular Cancer
Abstract: -
Abstract (translated): We have previously shown that nuclear factor (NF)-κB activation of mouse Lewis lung carcinoma (LLC) specifically promotes the induction of malignant pleural effusions (MPE) by these cells. In the present studies we hypothesized that treatment of immunocompetent mice with bortezomib tailored to inhibit cancer cell NF-κB activation and not proliferation specifically inhibits MPE formation by LLC cells.
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