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dc.contributor.authorΤζεμπελίκος, Δημήτριος-
dc.contributor.authorΒούρος, Αλέξανδρος-
dc.contributor.authorΜπαρδάκας, Αχιλλέας-
dc.contributor.authorΦιλιός, Ανδρόνικος-
dc.contributor.authorΜάργαρης, Διονύσιος-
dc.contributor.otherTzempelikos, Dimitrios-
dc.contributor.otherVouros, Alexandros-
dc.contributor.otherBardakas, Achilleas-
dc.contributor.otherFilios, Andronikos-
dc.contributor.otherMargaris, Dionissios-
dc.identifierCase studies on the effect of the air drying conditions on the convective drying of quincesel
dc.description.abstractThe objective of the current study is to examine experimentally the thin-layer drying behaviour of quince slices as a function of drying conditions. In a laboratory thermal convective dryer experiments were conducted at air temperatures of 40, 50 and 60 oC and average air velocities of 1, 2 and 3 ms-1. Increasing temperature and velocity resulted to a decrease of the total time of drying. The experimental data in terms of moisture ratio were fitted with three state-of-the-art thin-layer drying models. In the ranges measured, the values of the effective moisture diffusivity (Deff) were obtained between 2.67 x 10-10 and 8.17 x 10-10 m2s-1. The activation energy (Eα) varied between 36.99 and 42.59 kJmol-1.el
dc.sourceCase Studies in Thermal Engineeringel
dc.subjectConvective dryerel
dc.subjectMathematical modellingel
dc.subjectEffective diffusivityel
dc.subjectActivation energyel
dc.titleCase studies on the effect of the air drying conditions on the convective drying of quincesel
dc.typeJournal (paper)el
dcterms.extentpp. 79-85el
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