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Title: Firm-level determinants of exporting decisions in Greece
Other Titles: Παράγοντες που επηρεάζουν την απόφαση των επιχειρήσεων για εξαγωγική δραστηριότητα στην Ελλάδα
Authors: Σκεύη, Βασιλική
Keywords: Exports
Financial constraints
Extenal finance
Keywords (translated): Εξαγωγές
Χρηματοοικονομική μόχλευση
Abstract: Using a large cross-section firm level database containing 79000 firms in greek economy for 2014, this dissertation estimates the impact of financial factors that affect exports decisions. Our sample is classified into three size-groups and each firm is identified with a unique industry code. An econometric study shows a picture that is consistent with related considerations. Our results highlight the importance of firms access to external financial resources on their decision to export. The analysis also suggests that financial constraints dipress selling abroad. Exporters display higher liquidity and leverage ratio than non-exporters. However, there is no evidence about ex-ante or ex-post firms’ financial health and how it could affect the results.
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